Advantages of a Frosted Glass Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

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Advantages of a Frosted Glass Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

Advantages of a Frosted Glass Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

24 November 2020
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The moment your shower curtain starts looking tattered and mouldy, you could be thinking of simply going out and buying a new one. But you should resist this temptation. Shower curtains will always need replacing after several months of use, so the best way to save your money would be to upgrade to a glass shower screen. These shower screens have steadily gained popularity in households all over the country, and it is not without reason.

Admittedly, they cost more than a shower curtain, but the return on investment is so much more . And while you have an array of different glass types to choose from, one option that will prove highly beneficial in any bathroom is the frosted glass variety. Here is a brief list of the advantages of a frosted glass shower screen for your bathroom.

A frosted glass shower screen will add ambience to your bath experience

Taking a shower should not be solely utilitarian. Granted, the main purpose of this exercise is to get clean. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the experience should not be relaxing too, just as it would be if you were in a spa. Incorporating a frosted glass shower screen into your bathroom may seem like to minor a change to induce this feeling, but you will be surprised.

The slight opacity that the frosting adds to the glass makes the shower screen diffuse the light that streams into the enclosure. This works to tone down any glare and instead create a soft and relaxing illumination in the space. As a result, each time you take a shower, you get the feeling of being in a peaceful oasis. As a bonus, consider adding a rainfall showerhead that will contribute to this spa-like experience.

A frosted glass shower screen is easily customisable

A surprising advantage of choosing a frosted glass shower screen is the design flexibility that will be accorded to you. You may be under the impression that there is not much you can do to add a custom touch to the shower screen, but you would be mistaken. To begin with, the glass shower screen can be made as translucent or as opaque as you want. So whether you would like complete privacy in the shower or you do not mind if someone can make out your silhouette inside it, the choice is completely up to you.

In addition to this, you also have the creative freedom to add patterns or designs on the frosted glass shower screen. For example, some homeowners lean toward etchings of flowers or palm trees that make them feel like they are on a tropical island, and others will match the etchings to accents in their bathroom. Whatever your preference, all you need to do is talk to your contractors about customising this enclosure to your liking.

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