Two Signs That You Should Put a Glass Shower Screen on Your Shower-Bathtub-Combo

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Two Signs That You Should Put a Glass Shower Screen on Your Shower-Bathtub-Combo

Two Signs That You Should Put a Glass Shower Screen on Your Shower-Bathtub-Combo

28 February 2022
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If you're not sure if you should put a shower curtain or a glass shower screen around the edge of your bathtub-come-shower, here are some signs that you might be happier with a shower screen.

Your bathtub is small

If your bathtub is small, then you might find a shower screen works better than a shower curtain. The reason for this is that when a shower curtain is placed around a small, fairly narrow tub, showering in that bathtub can be tricky.

A shower curtain will often billow and shift whenever the water hits it or a draught passes through the bath area. As such, if you put it around your small tub, you may find yourself grazing against the shower curtain regularly throughout your shower. Each time this happens, the wet plastic curtain will cling to your skin, and you'll have to peel it off. If this happens dozens of times during a shower, not only will the washing process take longer but it will feel a lot less refreshing and relaxing. Instead, you're likely to emerge feeling clean but irritated.

In contrast, if you put a well-fitting shower screen around your small bathtub and ensure that it has a sturdy rubber lining along its bottom edge (to prevent the bottom of the glass screen from sliding off the lip of the bath too easily), you should find your showers much more pleasant. This is because, whilst you may still occasionally graze against the screen whilst showering (due to the size of the bathtub), it won't cling to your skin, nor will it move out of place and require frequent repositioning.  

You want this feature to be low maintenance

If you'd prefer to make this feature of your bathtub/shower low maintenance, then you may be happier with a glass screen, as shower curtains are harder to look after. For example, even if you pull a shower curtain to its full length to dry it out after every shower, the lower section of the shower curtain that is closest to the damp tub will take longer to dry than the upper sections and so will usually get covered in mildew and mould quite quickly. When this happens, you'll need to take the shower curtain off its rail, clip by clip, before washing it or throwing it away, and then either return it to the rail or put the new shower curtain up. In either case, you'll have to put quite a lot of time and effort into this task.

In comparison, glass shower screens are quite easy to maintain. Mould rarely grows on glass, and you can keep mildew to a minimum by spritzing the screen with shower cleaner and using a squeegee to push excess water off the glass after your showers. You won't have to remove the screen to clean any part of it and its lifespan is likely to be far longer than a shower curtain.

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