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Why You Need To Consider Fully Frameless Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

29 March 2016
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Your bathroom is a very important part in your home and you will want it to create the best experience in terms of functionality and visual appeal. There are multiple ways you can use to enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Shower screens are excellent features to have in your home and will step to the plate in terms of both functionality and visual appeal. With different types of shower screens to choose from, selecting the right one for your bathroom can be challenging.
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I love how much light our house gets, but the people who were living before us must have been very open with the whole street knowing what they were up to at all times. I've never lived somewhere where so many rooms have really large windows - including the bathroom! We are slowly getting the glass replaced from plain glass panes into frosted and patterned glass so that we keep getting all of that lovely light in but so that the whole neighbourhood doesn't get to see us. This blog has before and after picture of the rooms in our house as we do the glass replacements.