Are you renovating your house and want more natural light but plenty of privacy, too? Learn more about the right glass for your windows.


Do You Need a Pane of Glass Replaced?

8 March 2021
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Glass is an essential part of almost every building, yet it is also one of the most fragile items. You may need glass windows to let the light into your home, or a glass shop window to showcase your products, but what can you do if the window becomes cracked or broken? It's easy for a pane of glass to be accidentally damaged. Maybe one of your neighbours' children was playing close to your property, and they lost control of their ball.
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I love how much light our house gets, but the people who were living before us must have been very open with the whole street knowing what they were up to at all times. I've never lived somewhere where so many rooms have really large windows - including the bathroom! We are slowly getting the glass replaced from plain glass panes into frosted and patterned glass so that we keep getting all of that lovely light in but so that the whole neighbourhood doesn't get to see us. This blog has before and after picture of the rooms in our house as we do the glass replacements.