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Can the Summer Heat Affect Your Home’s Windows? Insights for Maintenance and Repair

24 February 2020
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Are you suddenly noticing cracked glass on your home's windows? This situation may be quite puzzling, considering that the glass wasn't damaged initially. During very hot weather, your windows may expand more than normal and end up pushing against your rigid window frames. Such expansion is what typically results in cracks that may need to be repaired as soon as possible. And if your window glass is chipped, it may become unstable and crack extensively from direct sunlight exposure.
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I love how much light our house gets, but the people who were living before us must have been very open with the whole street knowing what they were up to at all times. I've never lived somewhere where so many rooms have really large windows - including the bathroom! We are slowly getting the glass replaced from plain glass panes into frosted and patterned glass so that we keep getting all of that lovely light in but so that the whole neighbourhood doesn't get to see us. This blog has before and after picture of the rooms in our house as we do the glass replacements.