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Two Signs That You Should Put a Glass Shower Screen on Your Shower-Bathtub-Combo

28 February 2022
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If you're not sure if you should put a shower curtain or a glass shower screen around the edge of your bathtub-come-shower, here are some signs that you might be happier with a shower screen. Your bathtub is small If your bathtub is small, then you might find a shower screen works better than a shower curtain. The reason for this is that when a shower curtain is placed around a small, fairly narrow tub, showering in that bathtub can be tricky.
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I love how much light our house gets, but the people who were living before us must have been very open with the whole street knowing what they were up to at all times. I've never lived somewhere where so many rooms have really large windows - including the bathroom! We are slowly getting the glass replaced from plain glass panes into frosted and patterned glass so that we keep getting all of that lovely light in but so that the whole neighbourhood doesn't get to see us. This blog has before and after picture of the rooms in our house as we do the glass replacements.