A Cleaning Guide for Your Precious Art Glass

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A Cleaning Guide for Your Precious Art Glass

A Cleaning Guide for Your Precious Art Glass

21 April 2016
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So, you've invested in a beautiful piece of art for your home or body. Your art glass piece is one of a kind -- a unique, handmade object of beauty that you'll want to preserve and care for properly. This 'how to' guide will help you keep your art pristine.

Knowing Why You Clean

Your art glass may be a decorative item like a sculpture or ornament, or it may be a practical item that you use regularly, such as a vase or a piece of jewellery. Whatever your piece is, it will need regular cleaning to remove fingerprints and other contaminants that affect the appearance of the piece and mar the original beauty.

Preparing to Clean

Always avoid abrasive cleaning of art glass. It can cause damage and is not necessary to remove most dirt and grime. When cleaning your piece, it is best to remove all jewellery, which can cause scratches to the art. Wear latex gloves to ensure you have a good grip on your piece, which can be slippery when wet. Clean over a sink with a towel at the bottom for extra protection in the event of a drop.

Washing the Glass

Fill the sink with warm water, adding a mild soap to the mix and submerge the glass piece into the water on top of the towel. Allow the art to soak for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the buildup of grime. After soaking, use a soft cloth or sponge to gently rub the surface and remove any dirt that the water hasn't. Be careful around any areas of intricate detail. If there are areas that are difficult to wipe with a cloth, use a soft bristle brush or toothbrush to scrub these areas gently. A wet wooden toothpick can also help remove dirt that beds into detailed areas of your piece. When you're satisfied that all dirt has gone, empty the sink, then firmly hold your piece while you rinse it under hot water to remove all traces of soap. Use a microfiber towel to dry your piece fully. Some minerals present in tap water can leave water stains on your glass.

Seeking Advice

This method of cleaning art glass is suitable for most pieces. However, for hand painted surfaces, you should check with the gallery or artist you purchased your piece from to ensure that you use the correct cleaning method.

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