Types of Glass Panes You Can Consider For Window Glass Replacement

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Types of Glass Panes You Can Consider For Window Glass Replacement

Types of Glass Panes You Can Consider For Window Glass Replacement

31 May 2016
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When looking for window glass replacement, you will find that there is an array of options to choose from. To ensure that you are making the most ideal choice for your residence, it would be prudent to know what the different types of glass can offer you. Here are some of the various types of glass panes that you can consider for window glass replacement.

Gas filled window panes

This type of window glass replacement is popular due to the high thermal performance it offers homes. If you are thinking of making your residence more energy efficient, then this would be an ideal option. The increased heat insulation that these glass panes afford your home also works to reducing your energy related costs. Lastly, gas filled window panes also work to preventing the buildup of frost at the bottom of your glass panes. This will prevent damage to your window frames.

Insulated window panes

Another option you could consider when seeking to make your residence more energy efficiency are insulated window panes. This type of window glass replacement ensures that your home is not drastically affected by the ambient outdoor temperatures. For instance, during the summer, the insulated window panes will keep your home cool by not letting in excess radiant heat from the sun. During the winter, the insulated window panes will ensure that heat generated within the household is not lost to the outside. The window panes are capable of doing this due to the low emittance coatings that are adhered onto the glass panes.

Heat absorbing window panes

This type of glass has a glazing that is reactive to heat. When the window panes absorb heat, the glass changes colour. This works to enhance its absorption of heat into your home rather than having your windows reflect it. These types of window glass replacement are therefore better suited to homes located in colder temperatures. You also have the choice of opting for glass panes that come glazed with tints that work to reduce the amount of light that makes its way into your home.

Low-E window panes

Low-E stands for low emissivity. This type of glass has a specialised coating that works to reflect the harmful infrared rays that are emitted by the sun. As such, the windows will allow in natural light to stream through them but keep out excessive radiant heat from the outdoors.

For more information, contact a window glass replacement contractor in your area.

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