Different Types of Windshield Damage You May Encounter

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Different Types of Windshield Damage You May Encounter

Different Types of Windshield Damage You May Encounter

14 June 2016
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A misconception that some drivers have is that damage that occurs on windshields is pretty much the same. The truth of the matter is that these chips and cracks come in an array of forms. The type of chip as well as the extent of the damage caused is what will determine whether you require glass repairs or emergency glass replacement. It should be noted that even the slightest damage to your vehicle's windshield should be looked at by a mechanic posthaste. Driving around with a damaged windshield will distort your view, risking injury to you and other road users. Immediate attention could also prevent the damage from spreading and making you either get extensive repairs or complete windshield replacement. The following are some of the types of windshield damage that you may encounter on your vehicle.

A bull's-eye break

This is one of the most common types of damage that a windshield can acquire. It is typically characterized by a chipped spot in your windshield that has several ring-shaped cracks surrounding it. It is prudent to have a bull's-eye break examined and remedied as soon as possible to prevent additional ring-shaped cracks from forming. Once the windshield is repaired, you may still be able to see the initial point of impact that caused the chip in the first place.

A half-moon chip

This type of windshield damage is also referred to as a half bull's-eye break as they appear similar in their appearance. The main distinct difference is that the half-moon chip is characterized by a semicircular chip in the windshield. This type of damage tends to happen when debris hits your windshield at an angle rather than directly. It should be noted that half-moon chips tend to be more difficult to repair when compared to bull's-eye breaks. As such, some vehicles may need emergency glass replacement if repairing the chip cannot guarantee against future cracking of the windshield.

A star break chip

With this type of damage, your windshield will have numerous cracks emanating from one chip. If the cracks are not too developed, then you could get away with glass repairs to your windshield. However, the longer you leave the chip unattended, the higher the chances the cracks will spread further on your windshield. This could cause the windshield to become slightly distorted even after it has been repaired. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up needing emergency windshield replacement, as the cracks will be too far gone to be remedied appropriately.

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